Compact YouTube Camera – Which is best?

UPDATE: Check out Sony’s new ZV-1, the new replacement for the RX100 vii.

New YouTube channels are coming online every day, but there’s one piece of equipment that is needed before you can start and that, of course, is a camera.

Of course, nearly everyone nowadays owns a smartphone which can suffice as a video source, but many YouTubers are looking for better quality in a compact form-factor. Video quality, as well as audio quality, is all-important. A smartphone is not going to give you good quality sound, especially outdoors, and the front-facing cameras on most phones are really of poor quality. Most people want a vlogging camera with a flip screen.

Which camera is best for youtube?

The first digital camera to feature live streaming directly to YouTube is the Canon G7x mark III. This camera was designed for YouTubers. Not only can it stream live video to YouTube, it also has a microphone input jack – allowing you to plug in a variety of different microphone types.

Canon G7X III

UPDATE: Focus fix now available. Read more…

Interestingly though, the camera is receiving mixed reviews. Some are complaining the focus is slow and hard to work with. The same folks prefer the Sony RX100 VII, which is a much more expensive option. Sony also cannot live stream to YouTube.

DPreview now has a full review Canon PowerShot G7 X III.

Canon G7x mark iii

Sony RX100 VII

The RX100 VII is a pocketable long zoom camera that does just about everything right, though it doesn’t come cheap. Its 24-200mm equivalent lens offers most of the reach you’ll need for a wide variety of shooting situations, while its maximum aperture of F2.8-4.5 means it’s pretty flexible.

I bought and tested the Sony RX100 vii myself. Yes, I chucked out the cash to buy this camera. I thought it would be the bees-knees. But it wasn’t. It’s very hard to hold. The camera has no shape to grasp. It’s a flat square thingy.

I was disappointed. Yes, the focusing was fantastic, but I want more than that. How is it still photos? How is the color? How does the bokeh look (important to me)?

Sony RX100 mark vii

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It features probably the best autofocus systems we’ve ever encountered in a compact camera, meaning the little Sony can turn its hand to almost anything you might come across on your travels. There’s also a fairly easy-to-use Wi-Fi system to send images to your phone.


I owned the Sony RX100 mark vii for about a week before returning it and instead of purchasing the Canon G5X mark ii (not reviewed here but it is very similar to the G7X). To me, Sony had a funny color. It just wasn’t to my taste. Also, I did not like the still photos as much as my Canon camera has with its f1.8 zoom lens.

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